Manners Matter: Wedding Woes

Dear Mary Pat,

We’ve postponed our wedding twice due to the pandemic, and our new wedding date is tentatively set for October. My fiancé’s mom says that we should wait until next spring; my fiance’s dad (they are divorced) says to elope; and my parents think we should have had it last September. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. No matter what we plan, someone is there to tell us it’s wrong. Maybe eloping would be best. How do I keep everyone happy?


Burned-out Bride-to-Be

Algoma, Wisconsin

Dear Burned-out Bride-to-Be,

In life, as in wedding planning, you can’t make or keep everyone happy. It’s an impossible standard. What’s most important is for you and your fiancé to decide what you want to do. I know it’s hard to plan in a vacuum, but no one can predict the future in non-COVID times either. 

Have a long talk with your future husband; drown out all the background noise of other opinions; make a decision and stick with the plan of what you want for your wedding day. After that, you can graciously, but firmly announce the details to interested friends and family members. 

I hope the third time is the charm and that you and your fiancé have the best celebration possible.

Good luck,

Mary Pat 

Miss Pat was educated at the Finnish Finishing School for Fine Ladies. Eloquent in edifying etiquette, she is fluent in seven languages, including the language of love. Mary Pat has generously extended her counsel to you and will answer any and all inquiries. Email Mary Pat at [email protected].