MDCMC’s Reach Out and Read Program Receives Grant

Ministry Door County Medical Center (MDCMC) announced its Reach Out and Read program was awarded a grant from Target Corporation. The Reach Out and Read program at MDCMC was founded in 2010. The hospital distributes about 500 books, along with early literacy guidance to 1,000 youth and their families each year.

Reach Out and Read is a national program where clinicians distribute books to children at each clinical visit, advise parents on the importance of reading aloud, and provide them with literacy strategies for all developmental stages.

The $2,000 grant from Target will assist in purchasing books for the MDCMC program. This competitive grant is administered by MDCMC’s Dr. Amy Fogarty, Ann Bretl, Jodi Hibbard and Andy Boettcher of the Door County Medical Center Foundation.

“The parents like the information we share regarding how to use the book at their child’s age. The older children always leave the clinic holding their book with a proud smile on their face!” according to Dr. Amy Fogarty, pediatrician at MDCMC’s Women’s and Children’s Center. “Having books in the home and reading to our children are the two most important indicators for future school success, we are proud here at DCMC to be a part of our children’s growth.”