Model A Car Club at Heritage Village On Sept. 6

The Cherryland A’s Car Club will be at Heritage Village at Big Creek on Sept. 6. The Model As will be on display from 1:30 – 3:30 pm. A presentation on the restoration of a 1930 Briggs Body Model A Ford restoration by Arvid Anderson begins at 2:15 pm in the Collins Learning Center.

Model As represented the Ford Motor Company’s second success following the Model Ts. Prices for the Model A ranged from $385 for a roadster to $1,400 for the town car. The Model A came in a wide variety of styles and visitors will be able to see several styles displayed by the Cherryland A’s Car Club at Heritage Village. Anderson’s restoration presentation will show the start-to-finish restoration of a rare 1930 Briggs Body Ford. Everything from custom metal shaping, researching original paint colors, complete interiors and mechanics of the car may be included in the process, some taking more than a year to complete.

Heritage Village at Big Creek is located at 2041 Michigan St. in Sturgeon Bay. This program does not have an admission fee, but an offering will be taken to support a restoration project at Heritage Village at Big Creek. For more information, call 920.421.2332 or email [email protected].

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