Monarch Mural

The finished Monarch Butterfly artwork by the art club, from Nicolet School, Green Bay.

The Monarch Butterfly Project is already underway at The Center for Handmade Paper at Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor. Fifteen fifth graders, along with their art teacher Candace Cole, from Nicolet Elementary School of Green Bay participated in creating a mini mural.

A mural is one of the formats to choose from for this timely project. Timely, states Kirsten Christianson, coordinator and instructor at the paper shop, now in its sixth season, because she is concerned about the small numbers of Monarchs who spent last summer in the fields of Door County.

Anyone can come to the paper shop and make a butterfly from June to October by appointment. The piece could be a single butterfly to hang in one’s window. Or it could be the butterfly amongst the plants and flowers of Door County embedded onto a small canvas covered with handmade paper. Collaborations are also possible. For more information, contact Christianson at [email protected] or 920.559.0585.

On Aug. 8, 10 am to 12 pm, and Aug. 22, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, Christianson in collaboration with the Ridges Sanctuary will teach classes about the Monarch at Woodwalk. This work will be exhibited at the Ridges Aug. 29 & 30 when naturalist Brian Forest will conduct a unique program about the Monarch. To register for these classes, call 920.839.2802.