Mystery Play Readings

The finalists of Rogue Theater’s 2018 Writer’s Contest are sharing their murder mystery scripts for the first time as public readings. Join the Rogue Theater cast as they present these exceptional pieces.

This past spring, Rogue Theater held a murder mystery play writers’ contest, encouraging community members to practice their writing skills and submit their stories.

Each play offered mystery, humor and a bit of suspense. The scripts covered a range of subjects, but all shared a murder and clues. Four finalists were selected. The scripts included Murder at Al Johnson’s by Tim Toepel, Murder on Cottage Row by Stanley Eisenhammer, The Beloved Songbirds by Mark Hunt and The Dancing Men by Tonie Bear and Ian Toyne. The winner of the contest was Stanley Eisenhammer. He received a cash prize and will have his script performed by Rogue Theater in the future.  

These four finalists now get a chance to share their stories with you. Readings are set for Nov. 30 at 7 pm and Dec. 1 at 2 pm. Two scripts will be read each day by Rogue Theater cast members and their authors. Friday will include scripts by Tonie Bear and Ian Toyne, and by Tim Toepel. Saturday will include scripts by Mark Hunt and Stanley Eisenhammer.

The readings will be held at the Margaret Lockwood Gallery Inside/Out Theatre in Sturgeon Bay. Admission is free and open to the public. For more information, call 920.818.0816 or email [email protected]

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