New Wood-Fired Work at TR Pottery

Tony and Renée Gebauer are featuring new wood-fired pottery from the spring firings at their Fish Creek gallery, TR Pottery (

“One of the many things I like about the wood kiln is the minimalist approach to making pots,” Tony said. “The surfaces we are most excited about lately are unglazed, or super-simple glaze formulations made from ash and clay. Ordinarily we fire once each April. This year we lengthened the firing time by about four hours and changed the draft of the kiln with our damper systems. This created different ash distribution throughout the kiln and greater color development on the pots.”

Firing with wood is a passion for the Gebauers. Their wood kiln is a two-chambered, catenary-arch kiln that holds about 500 pots. During a firing, the kiln is stoked every five to seven minutes, around the clock. Their spring firings lasted about 36 hours, and the kiln reached a temperature of 2,400º F.

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