Northern Door Soccer League Starts Season

The Northern Door County Soccer Association (NDCSA), a nonprofit rec league for boys and girls ages 4-18, will kick off their ninth season on June 7 at the Sister Bay Sports Complex. The home field for 4 to 11 year-olds is in Sister Bay, and the home field for ages 12 and up is in Baileys Harbor.

The game schedule for June 7 is below:

5:30 pm – 8/9 year olds, ND3 vs. ND4, on mid field

6 pm – 6/7 year olds, ND1 vs. ND2 on 1 micro field

6:15 pm – 4/5 year olds practice on 2nd micro field

7 pm – 10/11 year olds, ND5 vs. ND6 on mid field

7:15 pm – 12/13 year olds, ND7 scrimmage on 1 micro

7:15 pm – 14/15 year olds, ND8 scrimmage on 2nd micro

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