Northern Poems

The latest poetry collection from Catherine Jagoe and Finishing Live Press, News from the North, is coming out this winter – an appropriate time to hole up and reflect on the cycle of the seasons.

Alison Townsend, author of Persephone in America and The Blue Dress: Poems and Prose Poems, comments, “In this tender and ferocious collection, English immigrant Catherine Jagoe explores her adopted home in the Upper Midwest – and the other Norths it summons – with a gaze both ‘exquisite and pitiless,’ writing about the physical and natural world with such dazzling detail and emotional resonance that we see it forever differently. In language as exacting as Bishop’s and imagery as rich as Roethke’s, these beautiful poems limn a life that, while sometimes difficult, is also ‘drunk with possibilities,’ glowing, lit by the wonder of ‘every little sun.’”

The publication date is Jan. 2, 2015. For ordering information visit

The Pulse published Jagoe’s essay titled “Swimming” in August 2013. To read the essay, visit and search for ‘Catherine Jagoe.’