One Voice Launches Kickstarter Campaign

One Voice, a local trio, is launching a fundraising campaign with hopes of traveling to care centers and nursing homes to share their love of music and the joy it brings.

Lynn Gudmundsen, David Hatch and Lloyd Michalsen formed One Voice in 2009 to bring the joy of live music to seniors in nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living facilities and retirement centers. In November they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay for gas, food and lodging necessary for travel.

One Voice has performed for seniors in Door County for years and would now like to share their music with seniors from coast to coast. This is a very big dream, so they plan to begin with just four or five states.

“We will tour as long and through as many states as possible until the money runs out!” Lynn said. “Whenever we perform for the elderly the one request most often heard is ‘Won’t you please come back,’ and that’s exactly what we want to do, keep sharing the music that brings a smile to all who hear it.”

One Voice has performed in Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, and Rhode Island. “Travel is mighty expensive,” Lloyd added, “so we are asking folks to help out.”

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