PET TIP: Cat Enrichment

In response to COVID-19, the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) Door County Campus has temporarily suspended adoption services, and all adoptable animals have been moved to the Green Bay and Milwaukee campuses. To learn about WHS’s response to COVID-19, visit Until adoption services resume, WHS will provide tips to help pets stay healthy and happy. 

It’s important to provide your cat with enrichment each day to help create a happy and entertaining life. Enrichment can include some exercise with feather wands or a puzzle game such as a treat dispenser. Here are a few free ways to provide your cat with enrichment:

• Put a few treats inside an empty toilet paper roll, then pinch both ends shut. Your cat will have to roll it around or pick it open to reach the yummy treat inside!

• Place a paper grocery bag on its side on the floor, and toss a toy or two inside. Your cat will have a fun time “hunting” for the toys and may even take a nap inside the bag after capturing the toys.

• Blow bubbles near your cat, who will have a blast pouncing on them as they float by!

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