Player Profile

Caralyn Mickey (#22)

Name: Caralyn Mickey

School: Sturgeon Bay High School

School year: Senior

Sport: Basketball

Position/Division: Center

Do you play other sports? Volleyball

Do you prefer playing team or individual sports? Why? Definitely team sports because you always have someone to count on to have your back.

Do you prefer playing offense or defense? Why? I would say defense because it’s more exciting to get a crazy block or steal than just make a shot.

What’s your pre-game ritual? I like to just chill out and listen to music.

What’s your favorite warm-up song? “I Made It” by Kevin Rudolf

What’s been your greatest sports moment so far? Probably beating Algoma twice in one volleyball season.

What’s been the worst? Losing the conference title in volleyball by two points.

Is there an athlete – or anyone else – who inspires you? Linnea Schmelzer (a 2013 graduate), because I always remember seeing her go to the gym and weight room to work on her game; she was very committed and it showed.

What’s your favorite sports team to watch? Ohio State’s men’s basketball team