Player Profile: Megan (ME) and Margaret Stoneman (MA)

Megan Stoneman

School: Sevastopol

School year: Sophomores

Sport: Soccer

Position/Division: Forward or mid-field (ME); Defense/stopper (MA)

Do you play other sports? Cross Country (ME & MA)

Do you prefer playing team or individual sports? Why? Team, because my teammates can help me out, and cheer you on. (ME) Team, because I like the aspect of being with other people and it’s more fun to work with people. (MA)

Do you prefer playing offense or defense? Why? Offense, because I like to score goals and to pass…I’m not really good at defense, it’s a lot of pressure. (ME) I’m better at defense because I’m not that good at ball movement, but I have a better kick. (MA)

What’s your pre-game ritual? Playing music and talking to my friends about the game. (ME) Eating something good, stretching and listening to music that pumps me up. (MA)

Margaret Stoneman

What’s your favorite warm-up song? “Hall of Fame” by The Script (ME) and “Roar” by Katy Perry (MA)

What’s been your greatest sports moment so far? Making first team all-conference in soccer last year. (ME) Making a personal record in cross country this year. (MA)

What’s been the worst? In cross country, when you don’t do as well as you thought and you can’t do anything about it. (ME) Losing a game when you tried your best. (MA)

Who inspires you? Why? Alex Morgan – she’s a really good player with the U.S. team. I always looked up to her and she’s been my role model. (ME) My sister because she’s hardworking. I think people think it’s hard [to play with your sibling], but the competition is good. (MA)

What’s your favorite sports team to watch? U.S. women’s soccer team (ME & MA)