Letter to the Editor: Remove Misleading CRT Signs

Recently I’ve started seeing signs along our stretch of Highway 42 saying, “No Critical Race Theory in Schools,” “No Funding for CRT” and then a “Trump for President” sign next to them.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is taught in colleges as a theory to be analyzed and discussed. It is not taught to children or high schoolers. The Southern Door School District’s superintendent has said that Critical Race Theory is not being taught, and it is not in the district’s plans to do so either. 

Simply stated: Critical Race Theory is not taught in Door County public schools or in any other public elementary schools or high schools throughout Wisconsin. There is no state or county funding involved in any way.

These signs are based on misinformation, are not relevant to our school system and have no place on our roadsides. To me, they aim to be suggestive and incendiary, with no positive purpose or truth to them. I hope that whoever put them up will take them down.

I’ll say it once again: Critical Race Theory is not taught in most public elementary or high schools in America, and it is not taught in our Door County public schools.

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay, Wisconsin