Reused News: Jan. 6, 2017

“The second biennial session of the Wisconsin legislature opens next Wednesday. The State Journal says that the senate and assembly chambers are rapidly being placed in readiness for occupancy, and they will be in better condition for the comfort of the solons than ever before. Both chambers will be splendidly illuminated during night sessions by large Siemen gas burners. In the senate, over the president’s chair there will be a Lungren burner. The desks have been brightened by a liberal application of varnish and the senators will enjoy the luxury of a new carpet.”

The Independent, Jan. 7, 1887


“Chas. Ristau succeeded in killing an eagle at the mouth of the bay, on Wednesday. It was a bald-headed one and measured seven feet across from tip to tip.”

Door County Democrat, Jan. 6, 1890


“The Sturgeon Bay and Menominee Stage Line operated by Thorp & Spencer is now making regular trips, the traveling on the ice being fine.”

Door County Democrat, Jan. 5, 1893


“The prospects for crossing Green Bay on the ice do not look very promising for some time to come. Last year the first team went across on January 4th, but it will evidently be some time later this season.”

Door County Democrat, Jan. 4, 1894


“A meeting of the Humane society will be held Monday evening in Lawrence’s hall to complete the organization. The society now numbers about 50 and it is helped that at least double this number will soon be enrolled. All persons interested, in protecting dumb brutes from abuse and inhuman treatment, are invited to attend this meeting. Ladies are especially invited to be present.”

Door County Democrat, Jan. 3, 1895


“Stageman A.S. Putman states that he does not intend to run a daily stage line between this city and Menominee on the ice this winter unless he is assured good returns. As is his yearly custom he will make trips across the ice when business demands but will not run regular scheduled daily trips unless assured of enough patronage to make it a paying proposition.”

Door County News, Jan. 5, 1916


“Under an order issued by the Navy Department, all the coastguard stations in this district will remain in commission during the winter. In the past, only a few of the stations have been kept in commission, but this year practically all of them are on duty, this being a step taken to prevent rum smuggling, it is claimed.”

Door County News, Jan. 7, 1926


“Fifteen unemployed Door county school teachers will be given immediate employment as the result of a recent agreement reached between the state superintendent of schools and the Civil Works administration. The regulations provide that employment shall be given to qualified but inexperienced teachers – who will receive $15 per week. These extra teachers who have 40 or more pupils in their charge at the present time, but additional teachers may be paced as assistants to teachers who have 35 to 40 pupils. There are nine schools in the former classification in Door County and six of the latter, according to County Supt. Kenneth M. Viste, which will make room for 15 teachers.”

Door County News, Jan. 5, 1934


All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

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