Sevastopol Spring Play Tackles Issues of Race, Poverty, Truth, and Reasonable Doubt

One person standing alone for her belief is the message delivered by Sevastopol Middle and High School’s spring play, Twelve Angry Jurors. Based on the 1957 film and teleplay, 12 Angry Men, the script tells the story of 12 jurors locked in a deliberation room, arguing the fate of a 19-year-old boy. Thirteen of Sevastopol’s high school and middle school students bring this drama to life, tackling issues of race, poverty, truth and reasonable doubt.

Middle school cast members include Bea Dramm, Cole Albertson, Riley Andersson and Owen Ensign-Foulds. High school cast members are Emma Schleicher, Lexie Henkel, Gavin Andersson, Lizzie Fiscus, Kaitlyn Schauske, Natalie Meikle, Bennett Rabach, Lamyra Adams and Mikkel Phillips. Crew includes Ashley Walsh, Stephanie Benton and Andrew Salisbury. Amy Ensign directs this year’s production, with Carrie Mulrain as assistant director. David Foulds is the set designer, Klayton Kindt is the set dresser and Debbie Finn is the costume designer.

The show opens March 9 with a 7 pm performance, followed by performances March 10 at 7 pm and March 11 at 2 pm. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for students.


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