Somos Latinas Profiles Wisconsin Women, Activists of Change

New Wisconsin Historical Society Press book, Somos Latinas: Voices of Wisconsin Latina Activists, written by Andrea-Teresa Arenas and Eloisa Gómez, shares the stories of 25 women with Wisconsin ties who have lived the words of celebrated Latina activist Dolores Huerta, who wrote the book’s foreword.

From outspoken demonstrators to determined individuals and collaborators working for change behind the scenes, Somos Latinas details the inspirational lives and community-building actions of Latinas who have changed their world and history. Though Latinas have a rich history of community activism in the state and throughout the country, their stories often go untold. Somos Latinas is essential reading for scholars, historians, activists, and anyone curious about how everyday citizens can effect change in their communities. For more information visit


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