Southern Door School Board Candidate 2014, Heidi Gutschow

Relevant Experience, Education or Civic Involvement:

I am a current member of the Athletic Advisory Committee for Southern Door. I have also served on the Affiliated Credentialing Board for the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services and the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Board of Directors. Elected as Treasurer for the Wisconsin Athletic Trainer’s Association for four years. Appointed as Conduit Administrator – Wisconsin Athletic Trainer’s Association

What do you think is the greatest issue facing public education, and, if elected, how would you address it?

Budgets and decreasing funding are one of the biggest issues schools are facing at this time. As a district, we need to make sure that we are fiscally responsible while maintaining the high quality standards that our parents and students have come to expect from Southern Door. Our duty as a school board is to make sure Southern Door provides the best educational experience with increasing technology standards, advanced programming and preparation for vocational/college programs.

How would you address the district’s budget shortfall? Do you have any specific ideas for cutting costs or generating incomes?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to balance the budget by cutting costs in only one area. The board members will need to take a comprehensive look at every option available in order to operate within the budget that is approved by the taxpayers. Cost-cutting ideas need to include incorporating efficiency standards while improving technology. As a district, we need to carefully weigh what cuts are made so we do not compromise our students’ ability to succeed while continuing to provide the best possible student experience in both educational and extra-curricular activities. Generating income is accomplished by attracting more families to choose Southern Door based on the programs we can offer their students.


What has caused the animosity in the school community, specifically regarding Marilyn Fitzgerald-White’s alleged harassment over “B4 Southern Door?” How can that be solved?

I cannot figure out why the animosity in our school community is occurring.  I was completely shocked and disappointed after reading the article in the Door County Advocate. It is a sad reflection on our community if people are not able to have differing opinions on topics without being harassed. What kind of example are we setting for our children when they see we cannot act as adults and have honest conversations without treating each other in a completely disrespectful manner?

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