Southern Door School Board Candidate 2014, Kelly Tassoul

Relevant Experience, Education or Civic Involvement:

  • Southern Door High School Graduate, 1979
  • NWTC Graduate, 1981
  • Southern Door Education Foundation – 1995 to present (currently serving as president)
  • Southern Door Board of Education – nine years, 1999-2008 (served as clerk)
  • Served on various committees while on the School Board (Transportation Disciplinary Committee, Building and Grounds Committee and Policy Committee)
  • Friend of Education Award Recipient at Southern Door Schools
  • Door County 4-H Adult Leader – 25 years
  • 4-H Adult Leader Board – two terms
  • Door County Holstein Board – two terms
  • Door County Dairy Committee
  • Associated with the Brussels Lions Club since 1989, became a member in 2013
  • Costume Director for Southern Door High School Musicals from 1988 to present
  • Costume Director for the Southern Door 5th Grade Musicals – 18 years


What do you think is the greatest issue facing public education, and, if elected, how would you address it?

I believe balancing the budget is at the forefront, but also making sure we don’t compromise the quality of education during the process is also at the top of the priority list.

I would try to work with the other board members to make the necessary sacrifices without compromising the students’ educational needs. I would try to do what is best for all students and community members involved and not focus on special interest groups or a personal agenda.


How would you address the district’s budget shortfall? Do you have any specific ideas for cutting costs or generating incomes?

Working on the school budget is an ongoing task, so pinpointing any specific area is almost impossible due to the number of variables. Even when finalizing the current budget, decisions being made now may be affecting future budgets. It will always be a work in progress. We must never get complacent when planning for future needs. We need to continue to explore funding opportunities, grants and other avenues. We need to concentrate on student population and market our school in a positive light to attract new students and families. We also need to retain current student population by continuing to offer the best education/activities possible within our means.


What has caused the animosity in the school community, specifically regarding Marilyn Fitzgerald-White’s alleged harassment over “B4 Southern Door?” How can that be solved?

Unfortunately, with today’s technology, some people have become very brave with their comments and actions especially when they feel they are being anonymous. Cyber-bullying cannot be tolerated.

We need to work together as a community to continue to support the outstanding school we have created. Two years ago we reached a milestone of 50 years of educational excellence. We need to continue to stand together to celebrate and take pride in that and remember we have so much to be proud of. We are facing tough economic times, but we have faced them before and have persevered. I feel as a unified community we can, and will, overcome the current challenges.

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