Southern Door Senior Poetry: Elizabeth Bretl

The Peninsula Pulse has dedicated a page in each issue from April 24 to May 22 for the students of each Door County high school. This week we feature the work of Southern Door student writers.

A Different Perspective

by Elizabeth Bretl, Senior

What’s a different perspective you need

to look at? Maybe it’s one that is shouting at you to help her

before it’s too late.

Do you know your home is crumbling

beneath your feet? 

She is throwing signs

left and right, yelling for help.  

What is it going to take to open your

eyes and see the pain the earth is 


You must live under a rock,

if you haven’t noticed the destruction 

Taking place. 

Everyday Earth screams at you and everyday

she’s ignored. 

You’re taking her for granted. 

And soon you will not have a home.