Staff Reflections: A Sunday Afternoon in August

It only took 15 minutes to put the kayaks on top of the Jeep and just 10 minutes to get to Sister Bay’s kayak launch. We had a short trip planned: just out of Sister Bay, around the corner, onto Pebble Beach at Fred & Fuzzy’s, and back.

As my girlfriend has been pointing out for 10 years, I have a tendency to come up with hundreds of excuses as to why we should not go for a paddle. Once, however, that I am out on the water, I always enjoy it. This day was no different. The water was just choppy enough to make things fun, and the heat of the afternoon sun was easily cooled by a splash.

Sitting on top of the water 200 feet from shore was calming. The Door County summer is a race from one deadline to the next, and the lake offered a break from the list of to do’s and responsibilities.

We pulled our boats onto shore and were greeted at Fred & Fuzzy’s with smiles. We were seated at a table on the edge of the grass. We watched as others came and went, sipped on our cocktails and enjoyed our healthy share of a munchie basket.

Our bellies full, we returned to our boats and paddled around the Sister Bay bluff back to the kayak launch. The drive home was short, so we decided to take a detour up to the Shoreline Restaurant. We had missed out on a piece of raspberry pie the night before and it seemed like a fitting end to a grand day. We ordered two slices to go.

Still slightly wet from an afternoon on the water, we returned home with good day behind us and pie to look forward to. An excellent ending to a memorable day.