Statement from Public Health Regarding Vaccine Eligibility

On Thursday, the Door County Department of Public Health released the following statement regarding expanded eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine:

Today, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) released the next eligibility group for COVID 19 vaccine which includes those with underlying medical conditions.

Unfortunately, being eligible does not mean there will be vaccine available for this new  group. Public Health will continue to prioritize those in the previously eligible groups, due to limited vaccine supply. State guidance is to distribute vaccine in the order of the groups below, and this is how Public Health will continue. It is unlikely that the department will be able to move on to those newly eligible on March 29, due to  many in the previous groups still on the waitlist and requesting appointments.

Since the new eligibility group does not begin until March 29, 2021, Public Health is currently not adding  anyone in this group to our waitlist. 

If you have not yet registered for the vaccine and meet one of the following criteria you may register at or calling 746-7180.  

Priority is as follows:

• Frontline health care personnel 

• Residents of long-term care 

• Police and fire personnel, correctional staff 

• Adults age 65 and older 

• Education and childcare staff 

• Individuals enrolled in Medicaid long-term care programs 

• Some public-facing essential workers such as 911 operators, public transit, and grocery store  employees 

• Non-frontline essential health care personnel 

• Facility staff and residents of congregate living settings 

When registering select the eligibility group that best describes your situation. Once registered, individuals will remain on the list until contacted you to schedule an appointment. Appointments are scheduled weekly after receiving confirmation of allocations for those  weeks. Proof of eligibility will be required at time of vaccine. 

If you do not yet meet one of the eligibility requirements above, you cannot be added to the waitlist at this time. Individuals are asked to wait until March 29, 2021 when the new eligibility group is in effect.

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