Sturgeon Bay Sidewalk Extensions Coming to 14th Avenue

Alley improvements also planned around Kitty O’Reilly’s

Pedestrians will be able to stay off the road along North 14th Avenue north of the Cherry Point Mall courtesy of a new section of sidewalk included in Sturgeon Bay’s 2022 capital roadway improvements.

District 6 Alder Seth Wiederanders said “it’s been a hazard over there for years” with pedestrians walking on the road.

“That’s a lot of foot traffic on that part of 14th [Avenue],” he said. “It makes sense [adding the sidewalk], and I’m glad we’re doing it.”

District 4 Alder Spencer Gustafson said “the compliments have just been flying in from staff” at Door County Medical Center’s Rehab Services on the mall’s east end about the city’s plans to add the sidewalk.

“A ton of their clients that may be in a wheelchair or power scooter or walker that come for services are walking the road,” he said.

The Common Council last week approved a preliminary resolution and engineering report declaring the city’s intent to levy special assessments to pay for part of the cost of the sidewalks along the west side of North 14th Avenue from Egg Harbor Road to Bluebird Street; and Rhode Island Street along the north side of the roadway from the city’s softball fields to South 14th Avenue.

City engineer Chad Shefchik said abutting property owners would be assessed only for the cost of new sidewalks, consistent with past special-assessment practices.

Along North 14th Avenue, he said the concrete portion of the project has been bid out, with an estimated overall cost of $53,856.25, with the city being responsible for approximately $19,127.25 and the remaining $34,729 being assessed to the abutting five parcels of four property owners.

Along Rhode Island Street, Shefchik said the abutting four property owners would be assessed $8,206, with the city responsible for $6,112 of the estimated overall cost of $14,318.

The resolution set a public hearing on the special assessments for May 17, 6 pm, in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Alley Curbing Planned for Kitty’s

Kitty O’Reillys Irish Pub will be responsible for paying about half the cost to install curbing on the north side of the alley behind the restaurant at 59 E. Oak St. to help improve drainage on the east end of the alley as part of its replacement plans.

“We’re looking to basically put a curbline down the one side to control some runoff that was causing problems through their neighborhoods,” Shefchik said. “You know, alleys – especially in downtown areas – they were done without a lot of thought. They were just always there. Over the years, as more things get paved and nothing changes, eventually it just becomes a little bit more of a problem.”

The council approved a preliminary resolution and engineering report to declare the city’s intent to levy special assessments to install 296 feet of concrete curbing in the alley, which extends from South Madison Avenue to South Neenah Avenue between East Oak Street and East Pine Street.

The curbing will run from the west side of Kitty O’Reilly’s parking lot to South Neenah Avenue.

Shefchik said the property owners were notified about a special assessment for new curbing being likely, and after receiving a rough estimate of the cost, they both asked to have the new curbing being added.

“I think this curbline will help to alleviate some of the issues,” he said. “I don’t know that it will help take care of everything.”

Shefchik said the concrete-curbing portion of the project has been bid out, with an estimated overall cost of $11,398.96, for which Jeffrey Tebon of Culligan Water Solutions would be responsible for 146 feet at $38.51 per foot, for a cost of $5,622.46; with Kitty O’Reilly’s picking up the remaining $5,776.50.

The council’s resolution sets a May 17 public hearing on the special assessments.

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