Sturgeons Take Second

Door County’s underwater hockey team, the Sturgeons, in combination with players from the Green Bay area, sent three teams to compete at the four-on-four underwater hockey tournament in Milwaukee the weekend of May 10 & 11.

The women’s team consisted of Molly Banks, Gale Chier, Amy Ensign, Trisha Filar and Maddy Rive. The B division team included Terry Chier, Amy Ensign, Trisha Filar, David Foulds and Adam Gardner. The A division team included coach Kendall Banks, Gui Besson, Paul Filar, Steve Kars, Robert Vernon and Albert Weber. While the women’s and B division teams did not place at the competition, the A division team took second place in the tournament, losing only to Cincinnati. All teams faced opponents from across the country, including players and teams from Chicago, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan and Minnesota.

The four-on-four is a challenging and unique tournament style, as underwater hockey games are traditionally played six-on-six, with up to four extra players available for substitutions. This arrangement calls for a higher level of athleticism and skill, along with creating a different strategy of play.

The underwater hockey team meets on Friday nights at the Sturgeon Bay YMCA and welcomes new members of all ages. For more information visit or call 920.743.4949.