Tackling Invasive Species


In Door County, people talk a lot about threats posed by invasive species. But what, exactly, constitutes an invasive species? And how do they affect Door County citizens, property owners and visitors?

These questions and many more will be answered at the last program of the 2009 Door County Environmental Speaker Series at the Sister Bay Fire Station Wednesday, July 15 at 7 pm. Bob Bultman, Coordinator of the Door County Invasive Species Team, will share the latest information on Door County invasive species threats, problems and solutions.

Invasive species are aggressive non-indigenous species that have adverse economic, environmental and/or ecological affects. Some of the invasive species in Door County include noxious plants, such as garlic mustard and wild parsnip, and animals such as the Asian lady beetle, zebra mussels and round gobies. These invasive species affect our lives – and our livelihoods – by displacing native species, disrupting ecosystems, and diminishing our ability to enjoy recreational activities. Without any natural predators, invasive species can spread rapidly.

Bultman’s presentation will cover the most pertinent invasive species threats on the peninsula and offer practical steps people can take to prevent or control invasive species problems.

“Invasive species issues are something that all Door County home and business owners should be concerned with, because they impact many of the outdoor recreational activities we offer in Door County, as well as the ecosystems we depend on for jobs and other resources,” says Christi Decker, co-owner of Going Garbage & Recycling.

The 2009 Environmental Speaker Series is co-sponsored by Door Property Owners, Inc and Going Garbage & Recycling. For more information call Christi Decker at 920.854.2114.