TAP Lobby Gallery Welcomes Stephanie Trenchard

Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) announces the opening of Stephanie Trenchard’s art installation Mapping A Sense of Place. The show runs concurrently with Leonard Bernstein’s comic operetta Candide (running now through Sept. 2) at the year-round professional theatre in downtown Sturgeon Bay.

Color and light drew TAP’s Marketing and Development Director, Amy Ensign, to Trenchard’s work as the “perfect choice to run during Candide.”

Trenchard created new work to enhance the pairing of her work with the operetta even further. “The installation of paintings reflects my desire to create a sense of place through visual information in the context of mapping,” she said.

Candide takes the audience on a round-the-world romp of idealistic optimism as it clashes with a series of absurdly unfortunate events. Trenchard has captured the locations through her series of abstract interpretations of the maps of each of the locations in Candide.
“Maps are abstractions of place,” said Trenchard. “The interesting thing about maps is that they can zoom in and become a way to be orientated to a place from a specific distance.”

Trenchard holds a BFA from Illinois State University. She works in a multitude of media including glass and oil painting. Trenchard’s work can be seen at the working glass studio and gallery she owns with her husband, Jeremy Popelka.

For more information, call 920.743.1760 or visit

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