The Summer of Getting Better

Summer has officially arrived and I am sure most of you are getting out and warming up that golf game. Now is the time to plan for improvement this season. Your golf game can be improved in many ways:  body, mind, skills and equipment.

Improving your body will make a tremendous difference in your game. Improve your body by first incorporating a stretching routine. If this works well for you then add a strengthening routine. Increasing your flexibility and strength will allow you to hit more solid, consistent shots and reduce your chances of injury.

Improving your mind in golf can happen several ways. The quickest and simplest way is to create a routine in your game that is full of positives and commitment. Never take a golf shot on the course without seeing the shot in your mind, having positive feelings toward that shot and committing to do your best to hit that shot. Stick with the routine and your mind will improve.

Improving your skills comes from knowledge and training. There are so many avenues now to get knowledge that you need to find something that works for you. There are great videos, books and magazine articles that can be helpful. Most of these are general and or specified to a certain issue. When you are learning the game and trying to gain knowledge of the skills necessary to succeed, having a coach work directly with you is the best bet. Group clinics, golf schools and private lessons are essential for golf improvement. Therefore, you see even the very best players in the world have their coach with them at all the big tournaments. If you want to improve your golf skills this summer, go to your local course and meet the PGA Professional and have them help you plan.

Improving your equipment can change your game in a hurry. The golf equipment manufacturers keep finding ways to increase playability of golf clubs year after year. Take an inventory of your current set and realize the clubs you use the most are your putter, driver and wedges.  Your putter is responsible for about 40 percent of your score and it is the piece of equipment that I see most people not having the right fit and not using it correctly to produce the best results. Other than the putter, the wedges are most likely your second most used clubs as you are probably chipping or pitching on nearly every hole. The driver will be used up to 14 times a round and is the club that technology has really improved the most in the last five years. Upgrading your putter, wedges and driver will almost certainly help your score. Meet with your golf pro and have your equipment evaluated, or stop by the driving range at Peninsula State Park Golf Course and I will be happy to evaluate them for you.  

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