TID Money Contributing $50k To Playground

Sturgeon Bay’s Common Council agreed Tuesday to provide $50,000 generated from the city’s Tax Increment District (TID) #10 to support playground improvements at Sawyer School.

Sawyer School is located within a half-mile radius from the TID #10’s boundaries on the west side, where money raised from the district may be used for infrastructure, such as street and park improvements.

The project plan for TID #10 put together by R.W. Baird, the city’s financial consultant, included $100,000 for park improvements, half of which the council designated for Sawyer School.

The Sturgeon Bay School District is seeking to raise $1.3 million to improve the elementary playgrounds at both Sunrise and Sawyer schools and recently reported being about a third of the way toward that fundraising goal.

Sunrise School is not within a half-mile radius from any of the city’s TID boundaries and would not be eligible for TID funding.