Two New Trees Available

The Jacksonport Women’s Club (JWC) will again undertake the Beautification Program in hopes to line the scenic byways, backroads and small lakes with beautiful blooms in late May.

The Beautification Program was a success last year with all the newly planted trees having an unexpected first-year bloom. This year Roger Opiela of Earthscapes has helped choose two new varieties of crabapples to join Dr. Dan Dayton’s “Prairifire,” so there will be three highly disease-resistant trees from which to choose.

The trees usually don’t exceed 20 feet in height or width and hold their fruit well into the winter, which provides food for birds.

As a community service project the Sevastopol FAA, under the guidance of Dale Carlson and Mike Madden, will help people who are unable to plant. The cost of each tree is $60.

Trees can be picked up at 6482 Highway 57, just north of Jacksonport on April 25 & 26 and May 2 & 3, 2014. The bare-root trees are easily transportable in the trunk of a car. If returning to Door County after May 3, it is possible to have an order held for you. For more information or to order, call Jo Wahlen at 920.823.2032 or email [email protected].