Once Upon Our Peninsula: Wild Man in Sevastopol Made News in 1902

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

                                                      The Expositor, Feb. 27, 1874

A new post office is just established in Door county to be called “Sevastopol,” George Bassford, Post master. Office to be located at Bassfords Corners, five miles north of Sturgeon Bay. This will prove a great convenience to a large number of people.

                                                       The Republican, Feb. 26, 1891

Much of the material for the building of the electric light plant has been delivered on the ground and work can be pushed forward as soon as the weather is favorable. Some of the poles have also been delivered and the contract will soon be completed. It will not take long to finish up things when once the weather becomes favorable for work.

                                                Door County Democrat, Feb. 22, 1902

Wild Man In Sevastopol

Residents of Sevastopol are telling of a “wild man” that has been seen at various points in about the central part of the township on various occasions of late. The “bogie man” is always seen by children, and if their powers of vision have not deceived them entirely, it is doubtless some reckless joker who is trying to scare the children, but he had best look out, because some grown person, with a gun, might catch sight of him someday and put an end to not only his “sport” but to his existence as well, and no one would be sorry for him, either.

                                                  Door County Democrat, Feb. 22, 1918

The State Council of Defense has apportioned a certain acreage of sugar beets to be grown in certain counties of Wisconsin and Door county’s apportionment is 160 acres. The president of the state council states that each county is going to be called upon to furnish its quota. The acreage in Door county will be grown for the Menominee Sugarbeet factory and C.H. Hanson of Sawyer had been engaged by that company to secure and look after the acreage here.

                                                       Door County News, Feb. 26, 1926

If the plans of the officials of the Chamber of commerce do not go astray, Sturgeon Bay is to have its first annual yacht race the coming summer between Chicago and this city. T.A. Sanderson, president of the Chamber of Commerce, and L.D. Smith, chairman of the yachting committee, were in Chicago the first of the week, at which time they interested owners of small sailing and motor boats in the idea of holding the race at the same time that the Chicago-Mackinac race is held – July 24.

                                                       Door County News, Feb. 24, 1938

The 1938 styles of women’s headgear were modeled by a group of local men at a “style show” at the Gibraltar town hall one evening last week. The “creations” were modeled by Harry Schuyler, J.C. Langemak, Frank Churches, Merle Thorpe, Victor Volquarts, Carl Selier, Phillip Runquist and Lester Schreiber, the spokesman of the group stating that inasmuch as women “wear the pants,” they might just as well as not wear the rest of man’s clothing.