Once Upon Our Peninsula: March 10, 2017

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Expositor, March 10, 1876

We have examined the book Mr. H. B. Stevenson, of Sevastopol, is selling, “An Expose of Mormonism by Ann Eliza, 19th wife of Brigham Young,” and find it not only very instructive, but a very attractive and interesting book, written in a style which cannot help but command admiration. It is a book the American people should read and study.


The Independent, March 12, 1886

A movement is on foot in this city to establish a reading room. A number of our leading citizens have been interested on the subject and seem to regard it favorably. Let the good work go on.


The Democrat, March 07, 1895

A. Hamacek has contracted for a thousand light incandescent dynamo, which will be installed here as soon as possible, in addition with the electric light now operated. Lights will be furnished all night and every night at prices to defy any sound competition under similar conditions.

Door County Democrat, March 14, 1903

The dog poisoner is again abroad and is causing death among the canines irrespective of breed or worth. Dogs have died in the streets here and there all over the city, and the work of destruction is not confined to any particular part of the city, either. Among the first to pass in its checks was Ed. Acker’s young hound “Flirt.” Leathem Smith also lost his hound, Jerry Merrier a good dog, and several others, last but not least being L.M. Washburn’s store cat. Thos. H. Smith has a notice in this issue offering $100 reward for information leading to the conviction of the party that has been throwing the poison.


Door County News, March 8, 1923

This is the age of wonders, the century of marvelous achievements. One of the latest discoveries to startle the world has been the radio–or wireless telephone….For the benefit of the entire county, Door County News has made arrangements with the Nebel Electric Shop for the installation of a Westinghouse radio receiving set of the latest pattern and of high power. The apparatus is to be set up over the Door County News and the receiver placed in the office. In order that the public may share in the benefits of the radio outfit, it will have attached a loud speaker and powerful amplifier, which will be set up in such a manner that people on the streets will receive the messages as they come over the wire.


Door County News, March 10, 1932

Supt. A.E. Doolittle of Door county’s two state parks has received notice from the state conservation commission that the sum of $5,000 has been made available for immediate use by him in making improvements at Peninsula park. The money is to be used almost exclusively in the employment of labor, and is appropriated as a means of overcoming unemployment….Mr. Doolittle urged that men who are selected by town chairmen to undertake the work should come with axes and they will be employed 10 days at a stretch at a wage of 25 cents per hour.

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