UW-Green Bay Enrollment Increases Again

UW-Green Bay’s final fall enrollment numbers showed a 9% gain, which accelerates the upward trend the university has experienced during the past six years and shows its growing impact on the economy and quality of life in the region.

Overall, 830 more students chose UW-Green Bay this year, making it the fastest-growing campus for the second year in a row.

“UW-Green Bay’s enrollment is a reflection of enhanced outreach to students at all stages of life, engagement with the business community on helping their talent continue their education to receive degrees in high-demand occupations, and the university staff being fully immersed in local communities to develop programs that meet the needs of the region,” said Barb LaMue, president and CEO of New North. 

UW-Green Bay saw enrollment increases at all four of its campuses – Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan – and growth across every student-degree path: high school students taking college credits, undergraduates and master’s students.

“We are approaching education differently in northeast Wisconsin because this is what our region needs to be successful,” said UW-Green Bay Provost Kate Burns. “We will continue to honor our access mission and provide students from every age a way to achieve their educational goals. It’s exciting to see students seeking opportunities to rise.”