“Verse and Vision II” Features Door County Poets

Last fall, more than 250 poems from all over the state were entered into Stevens Point’s Gallery Q’s “Verse and Vision” contest, including three poems from three Door County poets – Loraine Brink, Sharon Auberle, and Francha Barnard.

“I was thrilled to be accepted,” said Brink. “Fifty-seven poems were accepted. And, I won an Honorable Mention.”

On May 18, the poets trekked down to Stevens Point for the opening reception.
“It was great fun to read at the show’s opening to a full house,” said Barnard. Who explained that the 34 artists of the gallery chose, “and sometimes jostled over,” the poems they wanted to interpret in art. For the show, the poems were hung beside the artwork created for each. “Many medias were represented, from painting to pottery to jewelry and more.”

“Verse and Vision II” will be on display until July 16. Gallery Q is located at 1108 Main Street, Stevens Point. For more information or to order a Verse and Vision II book, which includes all 57 poems and corresponding artwork visit

Lives Long Lived
By Loraine Brink

the two look intimate almost snuggly
she in swimsuit visor rubber beach shoes
diamond earrings a gift only two days old
he in shorts tee sensible shoes white socks

they chat freely after 60 years
what can be new last night he dreamed
her diamonds were too small she wanted
the next bigger size $3500 another night
he dreamed she ran away just left him
it hurt her to hear these but only a fortnight ago
in her dream he smashed his cane angry
about some infraction yet they share

They are one of two million couples in Florida
lumpy slow with defining lines of wrinkles

I’ve always loved words – reading my great joy. Lived on a dairy farm near Kaukauna, stole time to sit on the back steps with a book. My introduction to poetry was when I met Barbara Larsen. She inspired me and later I joined the Unabridged and Wallace Poetry groups. The art spirit in Door County fosters creativity – I am enjoying being a part of it.

The Pagami Creek Fire
By Francha Barnard

I’m thinking of the fish today,
of deer and voles
and porcupines.

Their spirits rode on smoke that we,
a state away,
inhaled all night.

Don’t believe the news reports
that say there were
no casualties.

Francha Barnard has retired after working for many years an elementary school librarian. Poetry and fiber art have taken the center stage in her creative life. She is the winner of the 2010 Peninsula Pulse Hal Grutzmacher’s Writers’ Expose poetry contest.

Fear of Flying
By Sharon Auberle

they make you not
want to be crazed by flowers
not be deliciously surprised
by the moon

they make you discount
the poetry of crows
forget how
to speak owl

they make you afraid
of living
at your highest pitch
up there where the air is rare

and the blue wings
of your body want to stretch
wide and wild
each new morning

When not writing, Sharon Auberle may be found hanging pictures and poems at her website, Mimi’s Golightly Café. She is the author of three books – Saturday Nights at the Crystal Ball, Crow Ink, and EVErywoman; as well as recent collaborations with poets Jeanie Tomasko and Alice D’Alessio. She has also recorded a CD of her spoken poetry, Something After Burning.