Village Approves Expanded Parking, Storage for One Barrel

Egg Harbor is finally getting the parking it has long wanted at One Barrel Brewing Company, and owner Peter Gentry is getting a better storage solution for the thriving taproom and restaurant. But the compromise wasn’t easy. 

It took several meetings of the village’s plan commission and the review of multiple versions of Gentry’s plans before the commission signed off on the expansion. 

When completed, One Barrel will increase its parking lot from 24 to 47 spaces and add a 55-foot-by-33-foot storage building on the back side of the property to store beer, tables, furniture and other items for the brewery. An earlier plan expanded parking to 40 spaces, but Gentry went back to the drawing board to move the building and gain seven more spots on the parcel. 

The plan commission was careful to add several conditions to the approval of Special Development District Relief for the plan to ensure that the building is used only for storage. The Special Development District Relief was needed to install parking spaces within the 75-foot setback from the center of the road and the 10-foot side-yard setback required by village ordinance. The storage building does not require special permitting according to village zoning. 

The commission stipulated that any use of the building other than storage will require a return to the commission for review; that 47 asphalt parking spaces must be installed and striped by July 1, 2022; and that signage must be installed to direct people to the on-site parking.