Village of Egg Harbor Awarded $1.18 Million for New Harbor Project

On July 23, 2008, the Wisconsin Waterways Commission (James Rooney, Chairman) awarded $1,185,000 to the Village of Egg Harbor. This money will be used for the marina and harbor of refuge project.

This amount is the maximum dollar amount available for Great Lakes projects. It is the largest grant awarded to any project in the state of Wisconsin thus far this year. Egg Harbor is eligible to apply for additional grant funding in 2009. Federal grants may also be available.

This action by the Wisconsin Waterways Commission follows the award on July 21, 2008, of a permit by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for the construction of a new marina and harbor of refuge.

On August 9, 2008, “National Marina Day,” the Village of Egg Harbor will hold a construction ribbon cutting ceremony at the Egg Harbor Marina. The public is invited to this event. For more information, please contact the Village of Egg Harbor Administrator, Josh Van Lieshout or Village President, Nancy Fisher at 920.868.3334.