Village of Sister Bay Renews Going Garbage Contract, Switches to Single-Stream Recyclable Collection

The Village of Sister Bay announces the village has renewed its service contract with Going Garbage and Recycling, Inc. The service contract provides service to the village through the end of 2019.

The new contract period provides, as before, trash and recycling services to village residents, along with trash services to village businesses. Importantly, recycling services will transition at the start of the period from what has been separate collection of paper and commingle recyclables to single-stream collection of recyclables.

“We’re excited about this initiative by Going Garbage,” said Village President Dave Lienau. “Single-stream recycling reduces the recycling/sorting effort by residents, making recycling easier and encourages a higher level of participation in recycling.”

As part of this effort, the current configuration of a 60-gallon trash cart and two 30-gallon recycling carts (paper and commingle) per residence will be converted to a 60-gallon single-stream recycling cart and a 30-gallon trash cart. If residents wish to upgrade to a 60-gallon trash cart, that option will be available at customer request at no upcharge.

Going Garbage will, at the start of the New Year, initiate the swap out of black lids on the 60-gallon trash carts for blue lids, denoting those carts as single-stream carts; as well as the relabeling of all carts to indicate what they are intended to be used for. “Residents are asked to follow the carts’ new labels as they deposit materials in them, as the actual cart transition will occur over a period of several weeks,” said Village Administrator Zeke Jackson. “Going will make every effort to effect this change as quickly as possible.”

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