Walker Requests Assessment on Flood Damage

Governor Scott Walker

The Governor requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency conduct a preliminary damage assessment following torrential rains that caused more than $28 million in damage to roads and bridges in northern Wisconsin. “Communities throughout northern Wisconsin were hit hard by flooding last week. We are doing everything we can to help them,” Walker said. “I saw the damage firsthand and have worked with Wisconsin’s federal delegation and my cabinet to provide immediate assistance to the affected communities.”

Source: Walker press release

Senator Tammy Baldwin

Baldwin and Cory Booker (D-NJ) introduced legislation to fight poverty in America with real solutions. The Stronger Way Act will help meet the challenge of lifting people up and out of poverty, moving our unemployed into the workforce and advancing tax reforms that make work pay. “We need to meet the challenge of lifting people up and out of poverty with respect, opportunity, and the dignity of work,” Baldwin said. “The Stronger Way Act is bold legislation to put real solutions in place to create opportunity for all and reward hard work.” Specifically, The Stronger Way Act creates a new federal partnership to support state and local transitional jobs programs; rewards work with tax reforms that raise incomes for working families and individuals; and targets tax credits to working families with children.

Source: Baldwin press release

Senator Ron Johnson

Most Republican senators who are facing tough re-elections aren’t attending the Republican National Convention, but Johnson reversed earlier plans to skip the event for the opportunity to speak in prime time on Tuesday night. Johnson, like presidential candidate Donald Trump a businessman who entered politics later in life, used his prime time appearance at the convention to accuse Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton of lying. “If we can’t trust her to tell us the truth, how can we possibly trust her to lead America?” he asked, accusing her of lying about Benghazi and backing a failed policy of “peace through withdrawal,” leading to the rise of Islamic State and terrorist attacks around the globe. “Our future hangs in the balance. We must unify, work tirelessly, and together, save this great nation,” he said.

Source: various news sources

President Barack Obama

The President told the law enforcement community that he fully supports them and promised, “We have your backs” in the wake of deadly attacks on cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge. The comments came in a letter penned to the “brave members of our law enforcement community,” posted Monday on the Fraternal Order of Police’s Facebook page, followed by a declaration that flags will be flown at half-mast at The White House and federal buildings, in honor of the police officers killed. “As you continue to serve us in this tumultuous hour, we again recognize that we can no longer ask you to solve issues we refuse to address as a society,” Obama wrote. “We should give you the resources you need to do your job, including our full-throated support.”

Source: ABC News

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