Why Is It…?


“Why Is It…?” was designed by Dr. Steiner to address readers’ questions about human behavior from a social psychological perspective in order to inform and stimulate dialogue about the ways in which our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the presence of other people. Dr. Steiner holds a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology. In addition to working as a university educator over the last 17 years, she conducts individual and group consultations in matters of social relationships and behavior. Readers are invited to submit their questions anonymously in one paragraph or less to Dr. Steiner at [email protected].


Q: Why is it that we are expected to believe the “fireworks” explanation for the massive bird and fish deaths that have been occurring worldwide since New Year’s Eve? Are we honestly expected to embrace such a weak and implausible explanation for these catastrophic events?


A: For those readers who have not been brought up to speed on this issue, here’s a synopsis of the events that have transpired recently. At approximately 11:30 pm on Dec. 31, 2010, upwards of 5,000 Red-winged Blackbirds and starlings fell dead from the sky over Beebe, Arkansas – covering an area of approximately 1.5 miles. Preliminary investigations showed that the birds’ internal organs were “pulverized” in such a way as to indicate what has been described as “massive blunt trauma to the internal organs” – suggesting that mass numbers of these specific breeds slammed into something during flight, although nothing was apparently visible.


The explanation offered through mainstream media has pointed to fireworks, lightning, or extreme weather conditions as likely culprits. However, residents in these areas have denied witnessing any fireworks displays or unusual weather conditions in the region around the time the birds fell from the sky. Next, came a report of 100,000 dead drum fish washing up on the shores of the Ozark River covering a length of 20 miles. Since these initial reports, similar events have been occurring around the world, leaving a clueless global population in a state of shock and bewilderment.


In the U.K., 40,000 dead crabs washed ashore, and in Brazil and New Zealand, 100 tons of dead sardines, catfish, and croakers have now been reported. In Sweden, Jackdaws have fallen dead in massive numbers and now hundreds of Turtle Doves have fallen dead in Italy, where pigeons in the same region, remained wholly unaffected. Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, South Carolina and even Chile in South America have reported similar occurrences with only specific breeds of birds and/or fish being affected, all in incomprehensively massive numbers.


Fireworks or lightning, they say? Really? As mainstream media attempts to placate the public with unreasonably simplistic explanations, the world’s population has begun theorizing about more plausible, systematic causes. Some are citing religious prophecies of apocalyptic proportions, while others are pointing to covert military experiments or a new wave of terrorist attacks. And while the scientific community may offer some evidence that these types of things have “happened before” – all agree that the scope and magnitude of such massive carnage remain unprecedented.


Throughout history, covert groups seeking global power and domination have gone to great lengths to conceal and misrepresent truths from the world’s population. From weaponry research and testing to concealing evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation and contact, world powers have repeatedly and deliberately withheld vital and cataclysmic information that impacts our very existence. So before jumping on the “fireworks” bandwagon, let’s carefully consider what phenomenon could have the ability to trigger the massive deaths of only specific breeds of birds and fish – while leaving others unscathed.


In researching several legitimate and scientific sites, perhaps one theory emerges as a front-runner in terms of most fully explaining the specifics surrounding these atrocities – Scalar Technology. Scalar technology is a line of military research that has been underway for several decades, but held below the radar of public knowledge. It involves the artificial manipulation of environmental conditions on the planet through the use of high energy, electro-magnetic radiation – via remote satellite – with the capability of targeting specific biological life forms including human.


Similar to the HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), conducted by the U.S. Airforce, Navy and the University of Alaska, these programs seek to manipulate the ionosphere with the purpose of controlling atmospheric conditions that have been shown to impact and create weather patterns, interrupt mass communications and trigger the disorientation of mental processes – making this technology an instrument of geophysical warfare. In his book, Angels Don’t Play this HAARP, Nick Begich stated that HAARP could be used “to deliver very large amounts of energy, comparable to a nuclear bomb, anywhere on earth, change weather patterns, block all global communications, disrupt human mental processes and effect mind control.”


The world powers have cultivated and relied upon a dumbed-down, apathetic and fear-laden populace for far too long. In this Internet age, there’s simply no excuse for our continued ignorance. Whether manifestations of religious prophecy or global manipulation by the power elite – the signs, epic in proportion, are now too great to ignore. It’s time to wake up!