17 Workshops Offered in Exposure to Creativity Program

For one day during the school year students step away from their curriculum and spend six hours exercising their right brain in unique ways. Through the efforts of Gibraltar High School and Friends of Gibraltar (FOG) Program in partnership with The Francis Hardy Center for the Arts, Inc. (The Hardy Gallery), students are divided into 17 art workshops scattered across the peninsula for a day of Exposure To Creativity (ETC). ETC is the core youth educational program of the Hardy Gallery, which aims to provide students with an outlet to explore their creativity. The 2018 program is set to launch March 8. Seventeen artists will partner with the nonprofit organization to spend one full day with the high school students.

Artists contributing to the 2018 program are Reneé Schwaller, Suzanne Rose, Stephanie Trenchard and Jeremy Popelka, Lucy Hodkiewicz, Terry Murphy, Vanessa Andrews, Tate Bunker, Beau Thomas, Kate Roth, Nathan Hatch, Alan and Kärin Kopischke, Nancy Akerly, Deanna Clayton, Gary Chaudoir, Coleen Bins, Kelly Bresnahan and Liza Wiemer. Seventeen workshops will be offered this year in fashion design, creative writing, ceramics, metalsmithing, filmmaking, screen printing, digital photography, songwriting, glass casting, woodturning, paper arts, graphic design, graffiti art, improvisational acting and sculpture.

With these workshops, the goal is not only to expose the students to the vastness of the art world and how it can be applied to every facet of life, but also to expose them to their own community and what the arts offer and do for everyone here. At the end of the day, the goal is to provide these students with an environment of encouragement and support to let go of their inhibitions and stimulate their creativity.

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