2012 Marks Cellcom’s 25th Year in Business

“If you took a look around the wireless industry in 1987 and today, you would find very few of the same faces. Cellcom is one of the few wireless companies that has the same name and same ownership as when it began,” said Pat Riordan, president and CEO of Cellcom.

The company launched on August 5, 1987, and they held the launch party on a boat.

“We wanted to show the technology was truly wireless and decided what better way to do that than make a phone call from a boat,” said Riordan. “So aboard a boat in the Fox River, we made our first phone call to Ireland.”

This data services demand (which launched in 2004) is the catalyst for Cellcom’s latest technology evolution, the launch of 4G LTE. Riordan says, “Our goal has always been to bring the same technology offered in metropolitan areas to our customers in rural northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.”

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