Building Rescue Progresses on 3rd Avenue

Renovation progress has clipped along on both sides of 3rd Avenue in downtown Sturgeon Bay this winter, including one project that’s taking place at 234 3rd Ave., across the street from the major renovation at Third Avenue Playhouse. 

The 234 3rd Ave. building was tilting inward in front and had loose bricks at the bottom and top that were poised to fall onto the sidewalk. TK Design Build – a subcontractor for Carlson Erickson Builders that was renovating the building – uncovered a soft, completely deteriorated, massive wood beam that was no longer supporting the second story or upper portion of the brick facade. 

After stabilizing the structure and front piers and installing a steel I-beam between the first and second stories, the carpenters took just three days before Christmas to enclose the front of the building. They framed the first story so it could have larger front windows, and masons will restore arched brick around second-story windows. 

The building that previously housed an interior-decorating business will have a dance studio downstairs, workers said, and residential upstairs.

Shirley Weese Young owns the building.