A Collaborative Exhibit On Display at Linden Gallery

“China & the Book of Changes” is the title of a new exhibit at Linden Gallery by artists Wendy Carpenter and Ruth Philipon. The exhibit begins with a reception at the gallery in Ellison Bay on Aug. 15, from 3 – 6 pm.

The China art exhibit will include Carpenter’s hand-woven baby-carrier wall hangings designed with symbolic patterns, colors and forms traditional to China, and Philipon’s two-dimensional painted imagery, language translations, found objects and handmade papers from China. 

Philipon was inspired by her 21-day journey through eastern China in 2008. She enjoys studying different cultures and creating artwork as a means to document her traveling experiences. During this trip, she was especially influenced by the “I Ching,” a living oracle of wisdom with a philosophy of daily readings related to choices and beliefs in ones life. Her work is a very personal interpretation of China, using the words from the “I Ching” to convey the message that this culture is available to all.

Carpenter notes that she likes to choose a theme for her work. “The Chinese textiles I saw at the Lindens exhibit last year influenced me to explore weaving with eastern forms, colors and patterns,” she says. “Infant carriers are so interesting! I like the idea of a mother swaddling and carrying her baby. I used a cradleboard and an infant carrier with my sons, so this work brings back some fond memories.” A series of these carriers will be displayed in the exhibit. Carpenter also has two hand-woven robes on exhibit, one measuring 7’ wide by 3’ high with inlay fabric from China.

Carpenter and Philipon have collaborated to produce a very unique and interesting show. Carpenter adds, “I enjoy collaborating with other artists and bouncing ideas back and forth…it is a very inventive way to create artwork.

This collaborative exhibit will be on display at Linden Gallery through September 12. Linden Gallery is located in downtown Ellison Bay and is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm. Call 920.854.2487 for information.