A Summer Tradition: Cheeseburger & Chocolate Shake

There are some traditions that have become synonymous with American culture:  Grandma’s apple pie, baseball and Coca-Cola. However there is one summer pairing that goes relatively unnoticed  – a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake. They are classics.

I like to think summer foods – cherries, hot dogs, corn, watermelon and brats – are the best foods. These can be found year round but they just tend to taste better when the weather is warm. But the burger and shake is a combination that just seems to stand out above the others. They are good by themselves but when you put them together there is just something so good, so appetizing, so American that makes it stand at the top.

The burger and shake at Wilson’s Restaurant in Ephraim is a great example. Established in 1906, Wilson’s is a perfect reminder of classic Americana. With their old jukeboxes you could just picture kids in the summer of the 1950s coming in with their friends and ordering a burger and a shake.

Sitting in Wilson’s, enjoying my meal, made me think of simpler times. No phones, no internet. It reminded me of how much fun summers were when you’re a kid. No responsibilities, just hours of limitless fun to be had with your friends. A sip of the milkshake takes you back to that time you shared one with a special someone on a warm July night.

Food trends come and go. One day you’re eating gluten and the next day you’re not, but burgers and shakes stand the test of time. I implore you to try this for yourself; bring your family, loved ones or friends, but no phones or distractions. Go back to simpler times and just enjoy the summertime. Just don’t drink the shake too fast, I don’t want you to get a brain freeze.

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