Autumn in the Door

Fall in Door County is a welcome sight. For locals, it’s a chance to get their bearings back from a crazy summer of balancing work schedules and businesses; for visitors, it’s a season that is often underestimated – until a drive through the peninsula reveals its relaxed pace, its unbelievable colors, and a peace that seems almost too good to be true. Once you’ve experienced fall in Door County, it’s safe to say that you’ll try to come back as often as your schedule will allow.

Fall is my favorite season on the peninsula, and the only way I can really show that is to showcase the quiet beauty of this particular season – a beauty that affects every nook of the county, from the farmlands of Southern Door to the tip of Washington Island. The fall fruit harvest, the sunsets, the foliage – everything seems to come alive with a sort of unexpected beauty. I’ve been taking photographs here for 12 years, and, still, some of these sights catch me by complete surprise.

Even though our county is a small resort area, I am always blown away by the variety of landscapes on the peninsula and how they reflect the season. I feel a privilege in being able to seek out and shoot these scenes, knowing that I may be one of the few who witnesses them.

– Dan Eggert

Photo by Dan Eggert.

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Photo by Dan Eggert.