Backstage with the Boys at Pen Players

(Left to right) Matthew Brumlow, Brandon Dahlquist, James Fletcher and Donte Fitzgerald perform in “Lombardi.”

Peninsula Players Theatre’s series of free public seminars continues for its seventh fall season. Free seminars, providing inside looks at topics related to Lombardi, are held select Saturdays from 2:30 to 4 pm in the rehearsal hall.

The next seminar is Backstage with the Boys on Sept. 22. This seminar features Players’ actors Matthew Brumlow, Brandon Dahlquist and Donte Fitzgerald from Lombardi. Brumlow, who plays a sports journalist, and Dahlquist and Fitzgerald, who play Packer legends Paul Hornung and Dave Robinson, will take the audience backstage and inside their preparation and process for performing these roles.

The actors have acquired great stories about their characters and about the people they have met in preparing for their roles. They’ll also give a brief tour of the backstage area and dressing rooms and discuss what it’s like before and during the show behind the stage.

On Sept. 29, the seminar is The Original Golden Girl with Mary Jane Sorgel, who will discuss her own history with Vince Lombardi and the Packers as the original ‘Golden Girl.’

To reserve a spot for free seminars and tours, or tickets to Lombardi, call 920.868.3287.