Baileys Harbor Marina to Get New Roof

At its July 14 meeting, the Baileys Harbor Town Board decided to move forward with deck replacement for the leaky marina roof, using IEI General Contractors, Inc., of De Pere, Wis.

Two other contractors submitted bids for the deck replacement, but IEI came in with a lower bid ($180,930) for the deck replacement because they are able to do all the work themselves, whereas the two other bidders from the Fox Valley would have had to hire contractors for some of the work.

The board had earlier wanted to add a roof to the marina as part of the deck replacement, but decided to split the work into two separate bidding jobs. IEI was in the middle of the pack among the three bids for the roof work, but when combined with the earlier bid for deck repair, they come in $16,000 lower than the two other bidders. IEI’s bid for the roof was $172,000.

But for the moment, the board has only approved the deck work, which will begin July 28.

Architect Dan Roarty of Dimension IV in Green Bay said the work will begin with a layer of waterproofing, then insulation on top of that, followed by another waterproofing membrane. IEI will also add roof drains, which were not a part of the original marina design.

“The manufacturers tell me this will not leak,” Roarty said.

“And when I cut the ribbon 14 years ago, I was told that, too,” said Town Chair Don Sitte.

“This system is significantly different than what you cut the ribbon on 14 years ago,” Roarty said.

Roarty added that the marina will continue in operation with full access to the office, fish cleaning area, restrooms and parking lot during the work, which he said could take from eight to 12 weeks, depending on the weather.

The board also approved water-engineering firm W.F. Baird to conduct a sediment study in the marina.

Town Clerk/Administrator Doug Smith said the study is needed to “try to find out how sand is getting in there and how to prevent it from collecting so we don’t have to dredge every year.”

Marina Committee member Tim Tishler said Baird was chosen because they had “ideas which might potentially solve our problem.”

Cost of the sediment flow study is $78,115, with $31,000 of that coming from a grant and the rest coming from the town. The sediment study has to be completed by July 1, 2015.

Town engineer Steve Parent of Baudhuin, Inc., gave options for a drive-in area at Anclam Park to allow the 4th of July fireworks crew and emergency vehicles access to the park’s waterfront. The board opted for the most expensive method, which, the members agreed, will fit the aesthetic of the park once the renovations there are completed.

At a cost of $10,300, a series of concrete paving stones, known as turf stones, will be worked into the design by the landscaper. The stones are 3½ inches thick and interlocking, allowing for heavy vehicle traffic when necessary. The turf stones were also the only porous option, which is the way the town wanted to go.

Anclam Park was also a topic of discussion for Lakeshore Adventures owner Todd Haleen, who uses Anclam Park as a launch site for his kayak rental business. With reconstruction going on at the park, Haleen has had to find other ways to get his kayakers into the water.

“The Anclam project has put a damper on my business,” he said.

Haleen wanted to ensure that once Anclam Park is finished, he will be able to haul his kayaks in and out of the park.

The board gave Haleen permission to bring up to 10 kayaks into the park, but decided it would have to come up with rules for all users for the 2015 season.