Best Baileys Bike Route

For some, a nice bike ride can be 30 miles or more of non-stop jockeying while trying to look serious in the most unserious-looking poly-mesh jerseys and tiny shorts that betray no detail. For most others, a nice bike ride is the conjunction of little traffic, manageable distance (and inclines), a good shoulder to safely ride on and a beautiful view – probably unlike the rider ahead of you in the tight shorts. The following is a route in Baileys Harbor that stretches about 14 miles round trip.

1. Gather and fuel up on warming oatmeal or a little breakfast sandwich at Espresso Lane while charging up on coffee or tea. They have a nice lawn to sip and stretch out in before saddling up.

2. Pedal through downtown Baileys Harbor, waving to friends and neighbors (keeping both hands on your handles, brakes in reach), always vigilant for those car doors that fly open (why your brakes are always in reach).

3. Continue on Highway 57, leaving civilization (aka The Sandpiper) behind, and then take a turn on to County Q. Yearning for a little extra nature on this nature outing, one might glance over to the Ridges Sanctuary (but that would be like a double nature sandwich, plus with only about a mile of biking so far, it would be like going to Six Flags, sit in the parking lot for a few minutes watching the far-off rides, then driving home. Exactly like that.)

4. Enjoy this stretch of Q – about four miles of woods and turns, the occasional car going 80. The trees begin to break on the right side (the side of the road that hopefully everyone is obeying the law and riding on) and Moonlight Bay comes into view. A perfect break point to cool off, get a drink, and enjoy the view is at a small clearing near the sluice feeding into a winding stream that runs into the bay.

5. Get back on that saddle and keep following that trail a few more miles to the Gordon Lodge entrance. Hidden down a long narrow driveway corridor is the Gordon Lodge resort, and hidden in the resort is the Top Deck Lounge (just keep left, and following the signs). A spectacular view of the lake, a light meal, and a cocktail (easy now, we still have to bike home) can all be found here. Just be courteous and don’t scuff up their nice wooden floors with your bike cleats.

6. When the time is right, head on back to town (on the other side of the road this time, kids).