Bike Fed Spotlights Egg Harbor Trails Initiative Members

Several members of the Egg Harbor (and beyond) Trails initiative have been invited to participate in the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s Healthy Communities Summit at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Memorial Union in late April. The Summit aims to address the importance of healthy communities and explore strategies for promoting active lifestyles through trail development initiatives.

Susan Stauber, volunteer trails facilitator for the northern Door County effort, will contribute to a discussion centered on initiating trail projects and building coalitions to advance them.

Additionally, Stauber and fellow Egg Harbor Trails volunteer facilitator, Greg De Tennis, have been invited to the WiBike Community Toolkit “Ask the Experts” afternoon Super Session. Chris Morgan, the Egg Harbor Trails Initiative’s National Park Services Community Planner, also will participate in several planning sessions, and De Tennis has been asked to serve as the event photographer.

“Their expertise and dedication to trail development will undoubtedly contribute valuable insights to the discussions and inspire action towards creating healthier and more connected communities,” said John Heller, Village of Egg Harbor President and founding member of the Egg Harbor Trails Initiative.

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