Blending Visual Arts and Nature

“Tea Tree Blossoms and Silver Vase” by Lois Eakin.

Fine Line Designs Gallery announces the first exhibit of the 2015 season, featuring the work of Lois Eakin, Terrill Knaack, Ed Lazzeroni and Paul Klein. Exhibit I is currently on display at Fine Line, and the public is invited to a reception for these artists on May 23, 4 – 7 pm. An artist demonstration, featuring Paul Klein, is planned for the following day from 11 am – 2 pm.

One look at oil painter Eakin’s work reveals a painting process rich in history. Known for her captivating painting of objects in everyday life, she stays true to her subjects, whether they are a vase, an onion, a bowl, or a flower. She uses the technique of chiaroscuro to lead the viewers’ eye through her paintings by the use of light.

Growing up in an area rich in wetland and natural areas, oil painter Knaack’s love of nature was blended with his love of the visual arts from an early age—and a close look at his paintings reveal brushstrokes ranging from extreme precision to open brushwork all in a single painting.

Furniture builder Klein finds his inspiration in nature—be it century-old buildings, nearby forests, or his own backyard. Working out of the small village of Amherst Junction, Wisconsin, Klein refers to nature’s many treasures as “local exotics” and enjoys combining many elements together to create his pieces, including stone, copper, and his own handmade papers with wood to create his works of art.

Combining a background in industrial design with fine arts training, mixed media artist Lazzeroni has mastered a variety of techniques in his work—one of them being a self-developed process of chemical oxidation and metal grinding, which enables him to render details on metal as if he were creating a painting. The reflective quality of the metal provides viewers with an opportunity to interact with his work in a kinetic way, as the pieces change depending on lighting and angles.

Fine Line Designs Gallery’s Exhibit I is scheduled to run through June 2, with the second exhibit beginning June 5. For more information visit