Book Recommendation: ‘The Forever Sea’ by Joshua Phillip Johnson, read by Belinda Fenty and Leo Wringer

Recommended by GRACE JOHNSON, Pulse staffer and bibliophile

When the end of the year comes around and I have some Christmas money in hand, I like to look at upcoming book publications for the next year and pre-order some that I’m most excited about. At the end of 2020, I came across The Forever Sea, and the cover really drew me in. When I heard it was about a crew of ladies sailing the grass seas, I was hooked.

The story follows Kindred Greyreach, a hearthfire keeper and sailor aboard a harvesting vessel. Kindred receives news that her grandmother – the Marchess, a legendary captain and hearthfire keeper – has stepped from her ship and disappeared into the sea. A note she’s left behind leads Kindred to believe that there was more to this act – and something even more important waiting in the depths.

This book hits all the buttons for me: lyrical writing that paints vivid pictures of the setting, queer characters, and a balance between action scenes and quiet moments with the main character and some fun creatures (think giant worms that come up from the depths of the grass sea). The story is from Kindred’s perspective, but interspersed interludes from an unknown storyteller give the tale an all-over folklore feel.

Beyond just the fantastical aspects of the story, The Forever Sea discusses topics we deal with in the real world, including water scarcity, finding balance between nature and humanity, and much more. It’s a story about finding yourself, being a dreamer and carving out your own path.

This is the first book in a series, with the next installment, The Endless Song, coming in October 2022.