Book Recommendation: “The Heiress” by Rachel Hawkins

Recommended by MORGAN KIEDROWSKI, bookseller at Novel Bay Books

Every family has secrets – some more than others. 

When Camden McTavish walked away from his childhood home in Rachel Hawkins’ latest book, The Heiress, he knew he couldn’t hide from his family history forever. 

As a young child, Camden McTavish was adopted by the stunning Ruby McTavish and raised in the lavish Ashby House, where Ruby later died under mysterious circumstances. But when Camden receives a phone call he’s been dreading – one calling him home – he knows that he, the sole inheritor of his family’s vast estate, has to face more than just memories there. Set against a beautiful North Carolina backdrop, the book follows the deep, dark current of lies that runs through the McTavish family. 

If you’re a fan of Rachel Hawkins, The Heiress, with its Gothic vibes and twisty storytelling, will live up to all your expectations – and then some.